Announcing the transfer of Co-op Insurance NZ’s portfolio of non-life insurance policies

Provident Insurance has entered into an agreement to purchase the non-life insurance business of Co-op Insurance NZ. The policies affected are more commonly known as Carminder, Provident Insurance branded Motor Vehicle Insurance, Provident Insurance branded Luxury Motor Vehicle Insurance and Loanminder which are underwritten by Co-op Insurance NZ. Funeral Plan will remain with Co-op Insurance NZ for the time being.

Provident Insurance will be taking over responsibility for the existing Carminder, Loanminder and Provident Insurance’s own suite of motor vehicle insurance policies underwritten by Co-op Insurance NZ. Provident Insurance will take over the responsibility for underwriting any new or renewing policies from the completion of the purchase.

The transfer of existing insurance policies from Co-op Insurance NZ to Provident Insurance is proposed for 31 May 2018, but is subject to RBNZ approval.

If you have an existing Co-op Insurance NZ or a Provident Insurance branded motor vehicle insurance policy, your policy will continue to provide cover on the same terms and there will be no change to your rights and obligations under your policy. You can be confident that we will continue to provide you with our high level of customer service. There is no action required by you. However, if you want to find out more, please see the following frequently asked questions [FAQ].