The Provident Pinnacle


Provident is defined as “providing for the future, visionary and far-seeing”, and in an industry driven by change and momentum, the Provident Pinnacle  represents the focussed direction that Provident Insurance is taking; for our dealer clients and their customers.


The three points of the Provident Pinnacle:

- The customer is placed at the highest point of the Pinnacle, as their needs are at the core of our business.

- The two grounded points of the Pinnacle represent the foundations of the partnership between Provident on the one side, connecting with Provident dealers on the other.  This firmly grounded partnership is demonstrated through the training, systems and support provided to help Provident dealers reach their own pinnacles of profitability and protection.

- Together we work to support and serve the customer at the top (point) of the Pinnacle.


The silhouette of the Pinnacle also reflects the iconic shape of Rangitoto Island, the home of Provident Insurance at Main Beach, Takapuna.