Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Claims Procedures


In the event of a claim under this policy, please follow these instructions:


i) Phone Provident Claims on 0800 – 676 864, to advise details of your claim and to ascertain the name of the nearest Authorised Repair Facility.

ii) Discuss with Provident Claims the best way to deliver Your vehicle to the Authorised Repair Facility (it may need to be towed if it cannot be driven safely and without causing further damage).

iii) On arrival at the Authorised Repair Facility, present your policy booklet so the repairer can determine if the breakdown constitutes a valid claim under the terms of the policy.

iv) The Authorised Repairer will contact Our office to discuss the nature of the claim, the estimated cost of repair and to seek authorisation to complete the repairs. NB If the repairer is not able to determine the cause of the fault it may be necessary for them to dismantle parts. In this case only You can authorise this work as the contract for repair is between yourself and the repairer. Once the fault and its cause have been correctly determined We may then agree to indemnify You in relation to the costs covered by this policy.


Please Also Note:

  • You may be required to complete a Claim Form and attach copies of Service Invoices.
  • Failure to follow these procedures may prejudice your entitlement to claim.
  • Repairs not authorised or commenced without the authorisation of Provident Insurance will not be covered.