Gapcover Photo iStock 000019382921 XXXLargeWhen purchasing a new vehicle and committing yourself to loan repayments over an extended term, it’s wise to protect yourself against the unfortunate event of your vehicle being written-off as a total loss and the shortfall that can occur between the amount outstanding on your finance contract and the insurance payout you receive.

Provident Gapcover has been designed with exactly that in mind – to help pay the difference (the gap) between what your vehicle insurance policy pays out and the balance you owe under your finance contract. We may also pay additional benefits, which are designed to help reimburse you for associated incidental costs, if you select this extra “Special Benefits” cover for your policy.

Provident Gapcover protects your investment in your new vehicle so you can replace it, if you need it ….. providing control, certainty and choices for your future.

For full details of the Provident Gapcover policy please refer to the Policy Booklet wording. 


Provident is a member of the Financial Services Federation and was an integral member in the development of the Responsible Credit-Related Insurance Code.